Nizamiye hospital

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Nizamiye hospital

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About Nizamiye hospital

First Surat Group is a consortium of private – non-governmental organization with interest in education and healthcare. The First Surat Group’s passion for the education sector is premised on the adage: “Education and enlightenment are the bedrocks of civilization.” Therefore it is no wonder that health, the twin of education, is our second primary focus.

On the same pedestal as its commitment to Education, First Surat Group is equally dedicated to issues of healthcare. The Nizamiye Hospital is the platform employed to set a new world-class standard in healthcare for Nigerians. A core humanitarian organization which prioritizes service above profit provides the hospital equipped with modern medical diagnostic equipment for emergencies and welltrained residents and consultants.

First Surat Group is proud of the thriving effort of the Nizamiye Hospital in providing one of the best form of healthcare in Nigeria.

Despite all our efforts to protect our health we still find ourselves shaken by a sudden illness. Our normal daily activities may be disrupted, our family members become disturbed and worried then the distress and suffering created by the disease begins… This disease may be temporary or short-term but sometimes it can be severe enough to cause a lifelong or permanent problem that may even lead to death. At this point a situation arises that we
cannot solve or handle on our own. We then need the help of others. There is usually a need for moral, spiritual and material support. Some of these needs are supposed to be met by health care providers.

We entrust ourselves to health professionals, particularly doctors and nurses. We have worries and fears about our sickness, Can we get accurate diagnosis
and information about our sickness? How do we get better and where do we get the best care? At some point, we get exhausted from these concerns and we need a compassionate hand to hold on to. To help a patient recover health, both physically, emotionally and psychologically, they need to trust in their care giver. In the world today people equate humans to machine and assume medications alone can cure the illness however I want to assure you that it goes beyond medications and that is why i assume the WHO defines
health as “A state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease and infirmity”

Nizamiye Hospital will always try its best possible to provide Nigerians with quality health service using modern technology. Our hospital is an epitome of humanitarian values combined with quality and advanced technology to promote health. We aim to be a role model in protecting the core human values of love, trust and compassion as we embark on the journey a healthier Nigeria.

Wishing you all a healthy life ahead…


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