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PATIENTS: This is a platform for doctors to meet patients close to them. If you are looking for a doctor, enter the search on the bottom of the big map, type in your key words, on geo location, drag the pointer to the distance the doctor or hospital should be from where you are staying, choose category of your search,  then select speciality of the doctor and click search.

The search will bring you all the doctors or hospitals close to you, click the name of the doctor or the hospital you want to go and it will open for you to read more, click on “make an appointment” to book an appointment with the hospital or doctor and an email will be sent to the doctor notifying him or her about your appointment, you can also pay for the service you are going for on-line or pay when you get to the hospital.

Another way to meet doctors is through “Live consultation” . click on the menu “live Consultation and Chat with doctors on a private room or public room. You can register to chat or chat as a guest.

Write a review for the doctor or hospital or pharmacy on your experience to encourage other patients.

DOCTORS: If you are a doctor, the first thing you do is to register, and update your profile by Clicking on “Profile Setting” Fill all the field required and save. (also Update your BOOKING SCHEDULES, BOOKING SETTING AND PRIVACY SETTING) If you did not update these settings, appointment booking will not work on your page. Chat with patients on “live consultation” Collect money on-line or ask the patient to pay when he or she comes to the hospital.

If you subscribe to a package, we will help you do every thing, all you do is confirm your appointments, enter live consultation to talk to patients, collect money etc. Click here for more information about our packages.

If you have any problem or difficulty, you can always contact us through live chat.

Click here to learn how to update your profile

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